Dr. Pamela Nelson grew up in a small college town in New York. She does not remember a time she was not interested in veterinary medicine.

She has loved animals from her first memories, growing up with quite a menagerie of pets. She read the James Harriet series about 6 times and enjoyed science classes in school. She just knew veterinary medicine was her path in life.

Dr. Nelson graduated with a major in Biology and Animal Sciences at Cornell University in 1980 and earned her DVM degree at Cornell University in 1984. After gaining experience working for another practice for a number of years, Dr. Nelson opened her own hospital in New York in 1995. After 21 years, she sold her practice and transitioned to a warmer climate here in Aiken, SC. Dr. Nelson has been part of our team since November of 2019.

Dr. Nelson obtained her CVA (Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist) from the Chi Institute in 2015. She takes satisfaction in helping every patient lead their best life by providing the best medical care. It is also important to her to "simultaneously witness and share the incredible love we humans have for our furry family members."

"Veterinary medicine is unique in that we have to practice such a wide variety of medicine and surgery, on a variety of species, that every day is different - we never know exactly what we will see on any given day. It is never boring and I still love all aspects, even after 36 years (ok, maybe not orthopedic surgery)!"

Dr. Nelson's current pets include a horse named Stuart and a Russell Terrier named Charlie ("the genius"). As a lifelong rider, when Dr. Nelson is not working, she can be found at the barn. She is an avid reader and currently refreshing a (very) old skill and is taking violin lessons.