Mary Alice Fralick, DVM


Dr. Mary Alice Fralick was born and raised in Lexington, SC. She became interested in veterinary medicine when growing up, her parents wouldn't let her have all the strays in the neighborhood.

Before and during veterinary school, Dr. Fralick was a veterinary assistant in her home town.

Dr. Fralick attended Lincoln Memorial University, majored in Veterinary Science, and earned her DVM degree in 2019. She joined our team in June of 2019.

Dr. Fralick enjoys the variety of general practice and has an interest in dermatology. She enjoys getting to know our clients and enhancing the human-animal bond, emphasizing the importance of good preventative care.

At home, Dr. Fralick shares her space with Hootie (the coolest, most dog-like cat EVER), a dog named Fran (the queen of the household), and 2 other dogs named Rudder and Pawley (both lack courage). In her spare time, Dr. Fralick loves going to the beach.